Winter Essentials: 3 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

Hey guys. What up?

I’m live from NYC. I’m here to attend the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and all the activities that go with it. I’m getting tips and tricks from all the models, so stay tuned. I’m talking skin secrets, diet tips and fitness routines.

Let me know any other questions you guys have and I’ll try to get all of them answered backstage.

I’m only in NYC for a hot minute- in and out- and it’s been non-stop from the second I got here. Today I hosted The Morning Toast with @jackieO– you can check it out here. We talk about lymphatic drainage, skin tips, pop culture, intermittent fasting and more.

Ok with that, let’s get into 3 products I’m loving right now. I promise these will not steer you wrong. You’ll love them too.

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Alright, 3 products, you’re gonna love them:

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte

This is full coverage CC cream. I love the illuminating one, a lot of you guys like the regular one- we’ve been over this. This one is a new one and let me tell you it is GOOD. I wear the light/medium, but they have a ton of different colors. This is something you just have to buy. Apply with a damp BeautyBlender, always.

Kopari Coconut Deodorant

Try not to be too shocked. Yes, I FINALLY found a deodorant I love. I’m happy, Michael’s happy, we’re all happy. I love the texture. I can 100% recommend this to you guys. It’s free of all the nasties we hate, especially aluminum- you don’t want that shit near your tits. Visit Kopari for 25% off deodorant with code: theskinnyconfidential.

Fast and Fresh Dental Wipes

This random but I’m loving these doggy dental wipes right now. Smaller dogs teeth get dirty very easily and it can be really detrimental to their health. They’re minty and Pixy and Boone love it. You simply take the wipe and brush it over your dogs teeth. I do it very calmly and works like a charm. These are great for dogs of any size, but especially small dogs.

These are 3 things I’m loving right now and as always, I’d love to know what you guys think about them. AND if you have anything you’re loving right now that I just have to try, let me know.

My outfit in this video is from Van De Vort. It’s a total forest green moment. I’m LOVING forest green right now. The bolo tie I’m wearing is by St. Eve Jewelry. She’s a TSC reader, so everyone go stalk her stuff. It’s so cute.

Also, another podcast episode is live featuring Gigi Gorgeous. She takes us on her transgender journey and discusses building her YouTube empire.

AND tonight is the Victoria’s Secret fashion show! Make sure you follow along to catch all the backstage excitement.

x, lauryn

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