Will CrossFit Help You Be Your Healthiest Self Ever?

Have you always struggled to be more fit? Have you tried every diet and exercise program out there to no avail? If so, perhaps you should consider trying CrossFit. Around the world, CrossFit gyms achieve fitness for their members by combining intense workouts and simple nutrition. Keep reading to find out if CrossFit can help you be your healthiest self ever.

The Benefits for You and Your Body

Since it began, CrossFit has grown into an international competitive sport. It combines Olympic style weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio movements. The CrossFit community is tight-knit and has its own lingo, which makes it unique from your typical gym. While not for the faint of heart, the program is for those who desire the ultimate change in lifestyle, body and mind.

Several aspects of the program make it ideal for women and men of all shapes and sizes. But, you don’t have to be a workout super freak to reap the gains. Here are four ways CrossFit can help you:

  1. The Community

Each gym, or box as they are referred to, is a little different. With its garage gym inspiration, most boxes are basic with barbells, weights, a rig and kettlebells. Some boxes offer programs specific to kids, seniors and competitive athletes. But all desire to draw in members who simply want to get fit.

No one walks into a box for the first time able to do all the moves. Members support each other in daily achievements. Also, they rally around those who are struggling to make it through a workout. Workouts are held in small groups, offered several times per day.

  1. The Workouts

Unique from the machines you see at the typical gym, CrossFit uses barbells, body weight, rowing and running as well as other elements to produce intense Workouts of the Day (WOD). A trainer guides the athlete through the routine while providing coaching and support. The workouts vary daily and include a scaled version for beginners (Crossfit.com).

Can’t do pull-ups? No problem, your trainer will provide an alternate movement that works the same muscles, allowing you to build up in skill. CrossFit stands out for their tribute to fallen heroes of the military by honoring them through workouts such the Murph, named after Lt. Michael Murphy. These workouts are typically challenging to the athletes, pushing the limits as soldiers do in service.

  1. Practice and Progress

Another benefit CrossFit offers its members is results tracking. Athletes enter daily results into the whiteboard and can look up or even do a graph of progress over time. When you enter your results, it automatically records your Personal Records (PRs).

  1. Nutrition Support

While not all trainers are certified nutritionists, all CrossFit trainers encompass a degree of nutritional education in intense athletic nutrition. Some provide specific meal plans, and some may recommend diet plans for members to discuss with their healthcare providers. As with peer support, the CrossFit community offers support to those trying to eat clean and lose weight.

You can achieve fitness in many ways. CrossFit offers a unique platform to transform your body and lifestyle. While not for everyone, the box might be just what you are looking for to meet your fitness goals.