What are the Surprising Mood-Altering Benefits of Exercise?

You probably know that exercise is good for your body, but did you know it can help your moods, as well? Exercise has surprising mood-altering benefits that are easier to feel then they are to explain. Even when you just exercise once, you start feeling the endorphins flowing within your body. Also, your mood may improve after your workouts. Depending on the type of workout you do, that good feeling could last the entire day.

But how do you make sure that happens? Rather than feeling exhausted and demotivated, do the kind of workout that encourages you to keep going. And the best way to keep going is to feel good. So here are two types of workouts which have healthy mood-altering benefits.

  1. Yoga

There’s a reason why so many people have turned to yoga in the last few decades. As humanity advances, life has become faster. And that means many people are unable to slow down. Their minds seem to be going a mile a minute. In psychological terms, this is called anxiety. But many people don’t recognize it as such.

Yoga helps you focus all your attention on your body. When you’re just thinking about perfecting a certain pose, your mind doesn’t have the liberty to wander around. So, instead of thinking about all the things you have to do or the things that could go wrong, you’re concentrating on what your body is doing. However, when you’re done with your workout, you’ll find that that feeling of calm comes back to you from time to time throughout your day.

  1. Cardio

Unlike yoga, cardio is a fast-paced activity. But at the same time, it’s also fun. You keep moving your body in a set rhythm while you listen to music. So for many cardio lovers, it’s the music that is the best part of doing cardio. Music focuses the mind, often forcing out all those negative thoughts.

And this is part of the reason why runners experience a “runner’s high,” although this is also a feeling that you get while doing other forms of cardio. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming or smiling after your cardio workout. That sense of enjoyment should last at least a couple of hours.

The next time you find yourself making excuses for not working out, think of the emotional benefits you’ll get. By exercising, you can take care of your mind and your body at the same time. Also, you don’t have to do the same exercise every day. Change it up by doing yoga one day and cardio the next. Even a brisk walk outdoors can clear your mind and help you feel better.