Then and Now: The Unparalleled Uses for Olive Oil

The olive has a long lineage extending back to ancient times as a symbol of peace, wisdom, and victory. Extending the olive branch is a term people use, even to this day, as a sign of peace or reconciliation since biblical times. If you don’t know the many uses for olive oil besides cooking, read on for some eye-opening information.

Uses for Olive Oil in Ancient Greece

Olive oil was important in ancient Greece for the following two main reasons:

  • Medicinal – Greek physicians such as Hippocrates had 60 different health conditions he used olive oil for including skin conditions, burns and ear infections.
  • Sports Events – Olive oil was used on the bodies of the athletes before sporting events. The lubricant applied to the skin would showcase their muscular physiques.

Uses for Olive Oil in Ancient Rome

The Ancient Romans had many uses for olive oil, including:

  • Bathing – Roman baths contained olive oil for cleansing and purifying purposes. Those who could afford it would have it applied to the body before bathing and then scraped off using a strigil.
  • Lighting – Oil lamps were so common, even the poor had them in their homes.

Uses for Olive Oil Today

Nowadays, most people have olive oil in their homes for cooking purposes; however, they also use it for the following purposes:

  • Topical – Olive oil has a wide range of topical uses including removing eye makeup, soothing chapped lips, moisturizing skin and hair, soothing stretch marks and even loosening ear wax.
  • Household – The list of home uses for olive oil include peeling stuck on items off furniture and walls, along with lubricating doors that squeak. This phenomenal oil can even remove gum and paint from your hair.
  • Pet Health – Adding a small amount of olive oil to your dog’s food will help benefit the skin and coat, along with maintaining joint health. Adding five to 10 drops to cat food will help prevent hairballs.

The Many Uses for Olive Oil: In Conclusion

Throughout time, the olive has proven to be a gift that people have embraced and cherished. However, the uses for olive oil are far more significant than just cooking. For sure, the olive branch means peace and so much more.