How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Cold Season

The winter cold season brings with it sniffles, coughs, fevers and headaches. And, as you probably know, it is never pleasant to be sick, even when it’s just the common cold. But unfortunately, a simple winter cold can turn into much more, especially when asthma symptoms flare up. Also, secondary complications, such as sinusitis or bronchitis can develop, which can be serious.

So, like most people, your goal is probably to stay as healthy as possible this winter. But how do you stay healthy when you’re surrounded by people who are sick? Here are three simple yet effective strategies to help you stay healthy during the winter cold season.

  1. Wash Your Hands and Use Moisturizer

Your hands frequently touch door knobs, gas pumps, and other surfaces that may be harboring infectious germs. So, it’s important to wash those hands, or at least avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes. With all the hand washing, remember to use a moisturizing lotion, too, to prevent chapped skin that can lead to bleeding. In fact, open cuts can provide an additional entryway for other germs.

  1. Exercise Even When It’s Cold Outside

Bundle up on your walk or take your exercise indoors. Your body functions better when it’s received enough exercise, aiding its chances of fighting off infection. Take a brisk walk at least once a day and do some moderate exercise indoors. Try indoor exercises like dancing, indoor swimming, yoga or Pilates. But, remember to consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

  1. Forget About Starving Your Cold

If you come down with a cold, forget about fasting. Studies on the adage about making a cold get better by starving have shown is it false. As it turns out, the body is likely better equipped to fight a viral infection with some glucose to fuel it. And a cold is a viral infection, after all. So, enjoy your tea with honey and rest up. After all, if you neglect to give your body a chance to rest, your recovery will take much longer.

Yes, you can stay healthy during the winter cold season if you use these tips. Although it is not possible to avoid all germs and sickness, these strategies will reduce the number and severity of your sicknesses this winter.