4 Amazing Scents and Oils That Will Do Wonders for Your Wellbeing

If you haven’t heard about the power of aromatherapy by now, you are missing out. There is a plethora of relaxing scents and oils that are just what you need after a stressful day. This article will uncover four amazing scents and oils that will put you in a better mood. So keep reading to find out how they also do wonders for your overall health and wellness.

Lavender Oil: Relaxing and Aromatic

Lavender oil is a favorite among many people, and for good reason. This relaxing oil has physical properties, as well as emotional and mental properties. Lavender alleviates headaches and reduces stress. Also, it acts as a skin balancer and cell regenerator. And lavender also helps fight against insomnia and works as an anti-depressant. Best of all, the cherry on top is that lavender smells delightful.

Tangerine Oil: Calming and Balancing

This is one of the scents and oils that have multiple mental, emotional, and physical properties. Tangerine is a calming mood booster that is great to use because it reduces stress and banishes insomnia. Tangerine oil also balances out your nervous system. And lastly, it is beneficial for the health of your skin.

Patchouli Oil: Healing and Energizing

Patchouli is not just one of the top scents and oils that “earthy people” like to wear. This wonderful oil is extremely beneficial for your health in several ways. Patchouli oil is an anti-depressant that combats stress and fatigue. It also heals a myriad of skin issues including scars, wrinkles and acne.

Ylang Ylang Oil: Soothing and Euphoric

If you are ready to balance your body and mind, enjoy the wonderful properties of ylang-ylang oil. They distill this oil from the flowers of the Cananga tree. In fact, “ylang ylang” means “flower flower.” This is one of the top soothing, euphoric scents and oils that is just the fix when you suffer from stress. Ylang ylang also helps with hormonal imbalances. Also, it acts as a skin care remedy for dry skin.

These four scents and oils are soothing and smell wonderful, but there are many more out there. So, experiment until you find the ones you like the most. They are affordable and can work wonders for your wellbeing, too.