our family photos, 2018!

sharing some of my favorite photos that katie rain took of our family at the end of september. i really wasn’t sure how this was going to go, with seven of us in one frame. i set my expectations very very low this year, especially since we only had about a 30 minute window to take them since beatrice and madalena often sleep for longer stretches in the mornings. katie is just a super star with that camera though and like she does every year, we got so many shots that i just adore because even with silly faces being pulled and a whole lotta chaos in one frame, it’s MY chaos, it’s MY people, it’s all the things i love most in this world, in a photograph.

thank you to katie for these photos, and to my kids for being good sports about letting mama pick out their clothes that morning (they dress themselves entirely these days so this meant a lot to me!), and to my husband josh, for letting conrad pull on your face and stick his fingers in your ears (i literally had no clue any of this was going on until i saw the photos and i was crying from laughing so hard when i saw all this for the first time). and also, thanks to M and B for being good sports even though they were so tired towards the end and falling asleep in my arms.

i cannot with this photo of my 5 babies in one shot! love them so much.

and these are the batch of photos i was talking about where i was cracking up so hard looking through them after getting them back because conrad was poking at josh’s ears and also holding onto his cheeks (a few frames down) and i just didn’t realize at the time! i kind of adore these frames though over the ones of everyone looking and smiling because the personalities are captured so well. gotta love those little stinkers. haha!

brotherly love, right?!?!?!?! actually, these two have been practicing a lot of choreographed fighting lately. i’m not sure how i feel about it, but they are very into it.

had to do a throwing picture, because our kids live for being thrown up in the air by their papa and katie has captured a lot of great flying shots over the years (remember this one in central park?!) it always feels like a lot of work to get family pictures done, but it’s always so worth it and i am glad we did them this year with our new baby girls. thank you again to katie for capturing us this year! by the way for any new photographers out there, katie just launched an audio course for photographers all about starting your own business! you can find it here.

and some of our family photos from years past(all taken by katie) here in 2016, at the natural history museum here, on the brooklyn bridge here and in central park here, too!


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