Lymphatic Drainage Facial: How To Find The Best One In Your City

OK SO, this post has been such a long time coming. So many of you have reached out and asked me if I know a good lymphatic drainage specialist in your area.

There’s a secret to finding one….

The secret is….

There is no secret.

If you’re like me, you’re a huge enthusiast of getting facials. It’s the most productive hour of my day when I get one. I can lay there uninterrupted while I get my face massaged and work at the same time. I’d rather spend money on skin than clothes and handbags.

As I said, there’s no secret to the best lymphatic drainage facialist, but you need to find one you vibe with.

You need to find someone who has energy that you like. That’s number 1. They’re touching your face and in your space. You have to love their energy. ( Find someone who doesn’t want to talk your ear off and lets you have YOUR TIME – talk if you want, work if you want, be quiet if you want ).

If the place has great wifi, that’s a huge plus. I love if there’s a Starbucks nearby so I can hop on their wifi. If you find a spa next to a Starbucks, you’re golden.

Once you find a facialist, what you want to do is micromanage situation. I need to tell you guys- I don’t mean micromanage in a mean way. There’s nothing wrong with being specific. You’re not a bitch if you know exactly what you want. Explain what you want in a nice way. There’s just nothing wrong with that.

I travel a lot, and whenever I go on a plane I swell up like Violet from Willy Wonka. Yeah- total giant blueberry happening over here. Thanks jaw surgery. This means I go for lymphatic drainage all over the world, no matter what city I’m in.

Whether I’m in New York or Florida, this is exactly what I ask for:

I say, I don’t want them to focus on my neck, hands or feet, I want all the focus on my face. I really like to emphasize facial massage to whoever is doing my lymphatic drainage. You really need to drive this point because sometimes you can say it and they’ll only do the face for 5 minutes. I need 75% of the time to be focused on my face. Sometimes I’ll throw a little scalp massage in there too, if my hair hasn’t been freshly washed.

I tell them I want tons of facial massage and to go up the face and down the neck ( it’s really important to go down the neck because you want to drain all the fluid they’re moving from your face ).

I want the products they’re using to be brightening and tightening.

I like them to use any tools if possible: gua sha, jade roller, cups for facial cupping.

I ask them to use anything that’s cold too. Ice globes, an ice roller or a cryotherapy facial really gets me going.

I also like them to heat my face up and cool it down at the end, but MOSTLY I ask them to just focus on lymphatic drainage- that means under the eyes and all around the face to rid me of puffiness.

I want to walk in with 5 lbs of bloat in my face and walk out looking like Kylie Jenner in 2018.

It’s a huge bonus if they have relaxing oils, crystals and nice music. It’s important you like your environment, so scope it out before you commit to one facialist.

As you can see, there is no lymphatic drainage facialist I know in any area who is the absolute best- you just need to find someone with the energy and vibe that you love.

In life, I think there’s always creative angles and ways to get exactly what you want if you can communicate well.

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If you are unable to go to a facialist for lymphatic drainage, don’t worry. You can do it all for free at home.

x, lauryn

+ at home facial tools I love: Clarisonic Uplift, jade roller, ice roller, gun sha tools



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