Exposing the Myth of Multitasking to Improve Productivity

Multitasking has become a required skill of many employers, including the self-employed. Society has become focused on getting more things done faster. Do you find yourself with multiple projects that you must complete at the same time? For most people, deadlines have become unmanageable, so being able to improve productivity is a priority. However, multitasking isn’t the way to go as most people believe, so read on to find out why.

Why Multitasking Does Not Improve Productivity

Technology has made many more things possible. Technological advances have made it possible to do more things much faster. But do you ever feel like you are competing with a computer?

Psychologists cite research indicating that the concept of multitasking actually reduces productivity. Research has shown that the brain is only capable of performing one task at a time. Our brains spend time switching between tasks when we attempt to multitask. This time is precious, and you could use it better elsewhere.

Also, working on multiple projects simultaneously can increase stress and all the symptoms that go with it. Those trying to multitask often complain of headaches, stomachaches and mood swings.

Slow Down and Focus on One Project at a Time

It is possible to complete multiple projects within a specific yet realistic time period. Slowing down and putting your energy into one project at a time will improve the quality of your work and improve productivity. And you may even have time left over.

So, budget your time wisely by knowing your deadlines. All projects have steps, so plan them out and schedule them. Taking breaks from a project is helpful, too. It’s often beneficial to take a break and get a fresh look later.

There is nothing wrong with having multiple projects on your desk. But, that doesn’t mean you have to do that all at the same time. Planning your work sparks creativity and brings diverse ideas to your life. So, slow down, let your brain do its job and enjoy the rewards of being able to improve productivity with fewer headaches.