halloween 2018.

happy halloween (yesterday!!) this day always comes with such build up and anticipation over here as my kids love beginning to plan what they want dress up as basically the day after halloween the year before. we’ve had serious conversations about “tron” since like, before summer! and we all know conrad is dragon obsessed all day, every day. they are such fun ages for these sorts of holidays. i have a lot of fun videos on my instagram stories right now from trick or treating last night around the upper west side if anyone would like to see them. many store fronts and restaurants welcome trick-or-treaters and then we walked along a few brownstone streets admiring all the decorations. it was a fun night, and everyone was slightly bonkers this morning getting ready for school because the sugar high is still very very high.

sharing some photos here from the weekend, because we started celebrating a few days early. my kids love planning their annual halloween party for their friends and i almost thought this was a year they’d give me a free pass but then i realized this was a year they really deserved it of any. all three older kids have been so patient and incredibly kind with the transition of beatrice and madalena arriving, and also they are just the biggest helpers. they helped me with everything, even the early stages of planning. i had a few elaborate exciting things on our menu to create and of course we ran out of time because i forgot that even between josh and me, one of us is always having to tend to one of the babies. so some store bought cakes made due last minute and we called it a success! lots of photos below…

all of us! in costume!!!!

my kids can talk me into anything, including this scary doorbell that had a spider fling out of its mouth when you pressed the button as well as play music while its eyes lit up. we were standing in line to check out at flying tiger the other week when samson spotted it. suddenly all three of them were around my legs talking about it and me holding strong lasted only like, 30 seconds. we agreed it’d only go on the front door the day of their party, so we wouldn’t annoy our neighbors all day every day and also because i think its plain scary looking and i didn’t want that on my front door longer than it needed to be!

spider web decor is sort of the extent of how far i went this year…

the sweetest little cow and giraffe admiring their big brother the dragon who is making faces at them just above their heads out of frame. he knows how to get them to laugh! they love him so much.

my three headed dragon! (josh found the costume on amazon!)

and my first tron obsessed child!

and my second tron obsessed child! i love how much they love it. and even though i don’t get it, the fact that they do, that’s enough for me.

so eleanor did this all on her own earlier in the week! it’s back behind our pink chairs and i don’t really walk back there, so it took me a few days to notice it. once i did, i was laughing so hard, i called josh over and was all, “look at this!” he was the one who told me it’d been there for a few days, and we had a good laugh about how tired i am. but i’m putting eleanor incharge of my tombstone someday, because i love what she wrote here. wish i could have tried this “tasty forever” cafe. or have discovered this fountain of youth this woman born in 1963 and lived for 105,000 years had access to!

during the halloween party with their friends, we played halloween bingo and josh was the bingo caller. he sat at the piano and would make dramatic statements with eery halloween music about each thing before he called it. …”in a castle in germany, in the region of franconia, there was once a man who had great wealth, he became enthusiastic about the sciences, he wanted to do some experimentation. he thought it’d be fun to make a monster, his name was mister frankenstein. do you have a monster named frankenstein, the creation of this mad man who lived in a castle in germany?”  all the kids were like, “what?!” and then josh said, “he is green with things hanging out of his neck.” they were like, “ooooh! yes.” haha.

a million thank you’s to my sister hannah who texted me about something on saturday and when i told her we were actually having a party then with 18 kids, she offered to come over and help. i don’t know what we’d have done if she hadn’t. i didn’t realize just how beneficial it’d be to have a third adult on hand (especially with two babies) until she showed up and helped with literally everything. you’re the best, hannah.

i was turned into a mummy by all the kids on saturday. this was actually so much fun i’d do it again right now. i chased them for as long as i stayed wrapped up and i’m pretty sure it was me who enjoyed it the most!

simple party food because an hour before the party happened, i was still two hours behind on all my fancier food prep. i ended up running over to a nearby grocery store and picking up these halloween cakes. thanks to josh for whipping up chocolate chip pumpkin cookies in record time and flipping regular hot dogs into mummy dogs. elaborate food renderings will have to take place another year.

and a few more photos of my favorite people in their fun costumes!….

hope you had a happy halloween!

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