How to Embrace and Accept Yourself as an Introvert

An introvert is a person who needs time to themselves. They require reflection in a calm environment in which they draw energy. Often, they are deep thinkers who dream a lot and work hard. While they often enjoy being by themselves, they are not anti-social or would-be hermits.

But unfortunately, society is often slow to acknowledge and reward these folks in the same ways they do extroverts. This can cause introverts to feel left out, resentful and, most importantly, powerless. There are several methods, however, that introverts can use to empower themselves. So if you are an introvert who struggles to affirm yourself, keep reading to find out how.

  1. Accept Your Strengths

Do not try to alter your personality to “fit in” with a world that seemingly only appreciates loudness and frantic activity. Accept that your strengths lie in thoughtfulness, listening, concentration and self-sufficiency. Celebrate these attributes that make you special. Never beat yourself up for not being naturally adept at things extroverts find easy. Love and accept them for who they are, but above all, love and accept yourself.

  1. Take Baby Steps

Take small steps outside your comfort zone to build confidence in yourself. When you want or need something but struggle to get it because of your introverted nature, you need to act. Don’t overdo it but use little increments to build toward your goals. For example, if you want to gain confidence in speaking in front of large groups, practice first with a friend or two.

Progress to talking to small groups and finally, you will be ready to take on a larger gathering. Each time you set a goal and make progress toward it, give yourself praise knowing you grow stronger with each step.

  1. Try Journaling

Another way to gain the power you need for your life is through the art of journaling your thoughts. So, take time every day to jot down personal affirmations. Fill the blank page with all that is wonderful about you and your life.

Get deep as you brainstorm ideas, reflect on good memories and give yourself love and attention. Add artwork to your book to help you visualize the power you now claim. Positive imagery will help lift your spirits.

  1. Match Your Career to Your Personality

Work in a career that rewards your personality. Introverts often make great writers, bookkeepers, scientists and technicians. Seek out employment that honors your gifts. Don’t believe you have to change your core nature to succeed in a lucrative field.

Build your skills set by taking classes and learning the various techniques in the work of your choice. Never punish yourself by taking a job that robs you of your inner peace. Instead, opt for the opportunities suited to your style of living.

  1. Find Other Introverts Like Yourself

Develop a few close relationships with people who are similar to yourself. Contrary to some beliefs, introverts desire friendship and love with others just as much as anyone else. While you can handle being alone and enjoy it at many times, you also need social interactions.

Schedule your week so that you balance your “me” time with visiting with others. Do activities you like with the people who enjoy your company. Engage in real conversations that evoke positive thoughts and actions. Cultivate your relationships so they grow with you by spending quality time with those you love.

  1. Be Physically Fit

Empower yourself by getting physically fit. Too often, introverted persons are too sedentary. Exercise is essential for keeping yourself healthy, content and operating at your full potential. Work out at home if the gym intimidates you. Begin by taking slow short walks in your neighborhood or in the park if you are out of shape.

Choose exercise videos with fun routines, lift free weights or ride a stationary bicycle. Commit to exercising at least every other day and watch your confidence rise as you treat yourself with deserved respect.

Introverts are different from extroverts but just as valuable to the world. Enjoy who you are and work toward making yourself even better. Choose to take the power that is there already.