How to Cut the Clutter: 6 Ways to Finally Make It Happen

If you are dealing with a clutter problem in your home, it can be difficult to get motivated. All those piles can be quite intimidating, but here are six ways to cut the clutter and finally make it happen. So, keep reading to learn how to handle those decluttering roadblocks forever.

  1. Empty Your Nest

Clutter can be particularly tough to deal with if it belongs to someone else. If you still have a lot of your adult kid’s clutter, give them a deadline for when you plan to donate what they’ve left behind and then stick to it. If they really want the stuff, they’ll come and get it. And if not, you will know you can finally cut the clutter guilt-free.

  1. Box Things Up

If you are on the fence about a few things, put them in a box, tape it up, and write today’s date on it. If in six weeks you haven’t opened the box, those are things you probably don’t use anymore. Now you can finally cut the clutter without saying, “What if I need it someday?” because you have proof that you don’t.

  1. Donate as You Go

When you cut the clutter, you’ll find it’s a great time to find things you no longer need. When you identify these types of items, donate them right away, so you won’t be tempted to change your mind. And, don’t worry about finding the “best” place to send each item. Just let it all go and give it to a place that will take all of it like thrift shops, consignment stores, churches and homeless shelters.

  1. Start Big

If you are having a hard time prioritizing what you should get rid of, start with the biggest items, such as that defunct fridge in the garage or the picture-free TV languishing in the basement. Eliminating them will have the biggest visual impression on your family and your guests. It will make a significant impact on you, too. When you see what a difference it made, it will motivate you to keep going.

  1. Use the Buddy System

Consider partnering with a like-minded friend. Be accountable to one another for meeting goals, big and small. You can help each other out physically when necessary. Also, you can provide emotional support when feelings of blame, guilt or regret due to “throwing away” things creep up.

  1. Focus on the Feeling

Just when you think you’re done, you’re not. The key to preventing clutter from returning is to regularly sort through everything and evaluate what you want or need. There is truly no end to the process. So, as long as you own stuff, you’ve just go to keep doing it. Focus on the sense of accomplishment you get at the end of the decluttering session. Remind yourself of it the next time your motivation wanes.