cape cod’s boardwalk beach.

took too many photos at the boardwalk alone, so posting them separately here! this place was beautiful.

i could take her photo all day long and never grow tired of it. this beautiful baby girl lost 3 teeth just before we left on this trip and she sounded and looked like an entirely new person as she spoke and smiled each day. she has come into her own this past year in ways that make her mama and papa so proud. my only complaint is that our time with her feels like it’s flying by in triple speed and gosh, i hate that so much.

on the board walk out to the beach in sandwich.

thought this phrase, “we know what we’re doing” was kind of hilarious because josh and i were winging the entire weekend (not certain how far we’d drive each day/night, so booking hotel rooms last minute in the night and looking up restaurants on yelp a few minutes before mealtime) but sometimes those sorts of trips work out just great on occasion and we can totally pretend we know what we’re doing!

mama and beatrice!

and mama and madalena!

and mama with both beatrice and madalena!

a lot of pictures of me lately have my eyes closed like this. either i am always blinking, or i am super tired. have no clue which one. 😉

sweet muddy boy. (more photos below on this moment!)

i loved this moment with sweet samson. he raised his head and arms up to the sky and stood like this for what felt like a good minute. then he resumed shoveling sand into his bucket and i just wanted to cry. he is such a sweet happy boy and i love witnessing these moments with him. they put me into my own happy place and i am so very thankful.

see what i mean!? a mouth full of lost teeth! like, who is this girl?!

my sister rachel and i were pretty proud of this moment!

cousin brody!!!

literally out of the car for maybe four minutes while i finished nursing a baby. hadn’t even made it to the boardwalk trail yet and these two boys were already so muddy. lol. josh said there was a pocket of mud they started sinking into that was hard to step out of and so they started acting like they were really sinking and everyone was playing along and before they knew it, they actually were knee deep!

if we were ever to move away from new york city, i think living beside the ocean would be a dream. thankful it’s close by for now though since no one in the davis family is ready to leave our life in the city. such a special time we get to live in where transportation is rather convenient so we can experience the best of all the worlds wherever we live. 🙂

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