How to Be Smart and Safe When You’re Traveling Solo

Some people love to travel for leisure while others must do it for business reasons. And while you can bring a companion along, there are times when you must go it alone. If you’re not sure how to be safe when you’re traveling solo, here are six invaluable tips to help.

  1. Join a Travel Group

There are so many groups where travelers connect with others to create adventures together. By planning in advance and meeting people who live in the area, you have a realistic approach to the situation, costs and deals. Also, that is a comfort for your loved ones who may worry about you going out into the world by yourself.

  1. Share Your Plan

Leave an itinerary with your family and friends. That way, they can have an estimate as to where you will be in the event you don’t show up. This is important if you don’t plan to check in every. If you are a day or so off, they will know what your intended plan is and can check on you.

  1. Connect Via Text and Social Media

If others know your social media and texting habits, they will know if something is wrong when you go silent. If they don’t see you posing in front of an amazing monument or writing that you’re having a great time, they’ll worry. When you text several times a day, and you miss a few days, people will know that something isn’t right. Also, let them know when you are in an area with spotty service. That way if they don’t hear from you, they won’t panic.

  1. Respect the Culture and Practices No Matter Where You Go

If you are going to a nation that has laws that may differ from yours, take note that you are a guest. It does not give you the right to be rude, disrespectful or bring shame to your country. In some places, women must cover up their arms, legs or even hair. Also, in some countries, men cannot enter areas where there are local women.

In other places, you may not be able to admit you are married to your same-sex partner without persecution. As for public displays of affection, some places may not be so keen on that. So, play it smart and do some travel research in advance. There are enough stories of tourists who end up in jail abroad. And in some cases, they never even had legal representation.

  1. Save Money by Packing Light

There is nothing like using your spending money on additional costs, especially at the airport. So, pack in advance and get packing cubes to save on space. A lot of solo travelers are mastering the single bag method or backpack lifestyle. It doesn’t take a whole lot of clothes to make the trip memorable. But plan in advance and practice packing your essentials.

  1. Always Get Travel Insurance

Things happen because they simply do. The last thing you want to do is end up in the hospital of a foreign country as a result of an accident, food mishap or natural disaster with no way to pay for it. There have even been women who prematurely gave birth abroad and had to figure out how to get their newborn back to their home country. Because things are so unpredictable, travel insurance is smart thing to have – always.

  1. Be Wise and Keep Your Focus

Don’t allow yourself to get so lost in a moment, you end up in a dangerous situation abroad. Too many times, good food, great drinks and fun times lead to disastrous consequences because people let their guard down. Always apply the same wisdom you use at home to your night out alone abroad.

It is possible to travel the world and still be smart and safe with these tips. You don’t have to cancel that trip just because you happen to be flying solo. Just remember to focus on making wise choices, and you’ll have a memorable, happy journey.