7 Ways Your Family Can Afford to Watch More Movies

Many families love to bond by watching a movie together. Although there are plenty of great movies on television, it’s fun to go to the movie theater once in a while. But taking your family to a movie on a budget can be a challenge. Here are seven ways your family can afford to watch more movies together.

Being Thrifty at the Theater

Here are some ways to watch more movies at the theater with your family:

  1. Go to a matinee. If your whole family wants to see a movie in the theater, do a movie day instead of a movie night. Matinee rates are lower than the evening show and sometimes not as crowded.
  2. Look for discounts. Some theater chains and groups such as Fandango, Regal Cinema, and Marcus Theaters offer discounts. Cinemark has quite a few deals which can help families watch more movies while saving money, too.
  3. There’s an app for that. You can also use Atom Tickets, a free app that enables you to search for and buy discount movie tickets on your smartphone.
  4. Avoid the snack counter. Try eating a meal at home beforehand or bring your own snacks. If you want to make it a special occasion, restaurant lunch entrees are lower-priced than dinner, and the cost would be about the same or less than the food you buy at the snack counter.

Other Options to Watch More Movies Creatively

You and your family can watch more movies at home, too. But they don’t have to be boring with the following tips:

  1. Do a family movie night. If either a movie alone, or a movie and lunch is still too expensive, have a family movie night at home. After everyone agrees on a film, check it out from the library, rent it, or stream it. Print out tickets and set up a “ticket booth” collector area. Pop some popcorn and provide snacks and drinks in a simulated snack counter. Line up some chairs, dim the lights and show the previews to simulate a theater experience.
  2. Look in your community. Park districts, churches, libraries, community center or nearby colleges sometimes show movies or provide other forms of entertainment for free or at a minimal cost. See if that option is available and if the show is something your family would enjoy. For instance, some movie theaters show older films and cartoons at a discount during the summer for families.
  3. Watch with your neighbors. Ask your neighbors if they would like to do a neighborhood movie night by projecting a movie on a garage door, sheet or screen. You can split the cost to rent the equipment and movie unless someone already has it and is willing to share. Hold a potluck cookout before the show, with families bringing their main entree and a side to share. Or, you can have everyone bring a snack to share.

You don’t have to go broke when you watch more movies with your family, friends and even neighbors. Enjoy each other’s company, have a snack and make movie memories while saving some money, too. It’s a win-win for everyone.