5 Simple Hacks for Clearing Your Linen Closet in a Flash

The linen closet is one of those things most homeowners overlook until it is an absolute shamble. Blankets and towels may tumble out each time you open the door, and you can’t find a single thing you’re looking for. If this sounds like your situation, these five simple hacks for clearing your linen closet in a flash.

  1. Coordinate Your Bedding

After folding your sheets, tuck them inside coordinating pillowcases. You can fit a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and one to two extra pillowcases inside on pillowcase. This can save you a lot of time when surprise overnight guests stop by.

  1. Group Like Items Together

Section out your linen closet so all like items are grouped together. Towels go on one shelf, sheets on another. This way you will always be able to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Add Plastic Bins

Do you have a lot of extra pillowcases or hand towels? Use small plastic storage bins to store them neatly. This avoids tall stacks of small items that topple over easily. A dozen or more pillows can fit inside each plastic bin.

  1. Use Compressible Plastic Bags

Do you have items you don’t use often? Store them in compressed plastic bags to save a ton of space. Examples might include comforters, extra window curtains and guest towels. Tuck a dryer sheet inside before removing the air, so linens smell nice when you need them again.

  1. Spring Clean Your Closet

During spring cleaning, or at least once a year, remember to clean out your linen closet. Go through and find anything that is torn, old, or hasn’t been used in a year or more or lacks sentimental value. Donate those items to your local homeless or animal shelter. They’ll be happy to have them, and you can avoid unnecessary clutter.

The five simple hacks listed above can help you keep your linen closet neat and organized, and relieve a lot of unnecessary stress for you. You may even be so proud of your linen closet, you’ll tackle the clutter in other areas of your home, too.