4 Simple Meditation Methods You Can Use to Overcome Pain

No one enjoys being in pain. Whether it’s mild or intense, constantly dealing with pain can be depressing and debilitating, too. However, prescription and even over the counter medications can come with side effects, especially if you must take them for a long time. But relaxation and meditation can help without side effects. So if you are seeking relief, here are four simple meditation methods you can use to overcome pain.

  1. Get Comfortable

When you think of meditation, you may visualize sitting on the floor with crossed legs. But when you are in pain, you probably prefer a chair. So, get comfortable before you begin, so you can focus on meditating instead of your pain. After all, meditation is a mental process, so your success is about your inner experience, not your outward appearance.

Meditation teachers often recommend staying perfectly still during a meditation session. But this idea is more of a guide than a rule. If you are uncomfortable, go ahead and move, but remain mindful of the present moment. So, the next time your back, hip or backside hurts so bad you’re going to cry, try a gentle shift in position.

However, do so with your full conscious attention. Remember, movement can also be a meditation. The goal is to make yourself as comfortable as possible, so you can concentrate on the meditation.

  1. If You Can’t Beat It, Join It

As time goes on, sitting still can become increasingly difficult. All the minor aches and pains you have accumulated from a well-lived life start to come to the surface. The pain can distract you from your meditation objective, making you unable to remain focused. In this case, you have entered a state of mental torment.

So instead of fighting what is happening to your body, make note of it. If you are wishing for a state of tranquility, accept the pain for what it is. Meditation means being present to the experience you are having.

  1. Harness the Power of Your Pain

You can use the energy the pain creates against itself, like a Tai Chi master. The pain you feel can ignite all your senses. This is your door into the present moment, so stop saying no to it. Your body wants your conscious attention and it is telling you, “Pay attention to me.” Like the previous meditation method, accept your pain at that moment and work with it.

  1. Remember, This Too Shall Pass

Nothing is permanent, including pain. Stay with your painful experience and watch it dissipate. Focus carefully and ask yourself, what remains? Remember to relax as much as you can, concentrate on meditating, and soon, you’ll feel a bit better.

These four meditation methods can help ease your pain. You can combine them with other methods like massage, yoga, aroma therapy and chiropractic care. You don’t have to be the perfect meditator. Although the path of meditation is personal, a good guide can help you get started the right way.