10 Quick Tips to Easily Organize Your Kitchen Chaos

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. But, between prepping meals and stocking supplies, clutter and disorganization can create chaos. If this sounds familiar, here are 10 quick tips to easily organize your kitchen chaos for good.

  1. Try Grouping Like Items

Group like items such as salad dressings in the fridge. Do the same in the pantry with items like soup, cereal and canned fruit. Decant rice and pasta from boxes into clear storage containers with labels. Not only will it keep things neat, but you’ll also easily spot the supply levels before you make your next grocery list.

  1. Hang a Shoe Organizer

Use an over-the-door shoe bag with pockets to stash items on the inside of your pantry door. It’s perfect for spices, dips and gravy packets. You can also use those pockets for small baking supplies like cupcake liners and measuring spoons.

  1. Corral Your Cookbooks and Takeout Menus

Mount magazine racks to the back of the pantry door for cookbooks. Adhere binder sleeves to it for takeout menus or recipe print-outs. Regularly cull your cookbooks and have a set limit as to how many you keep. You can always donate the rest to your local library, school or homeless shelter.

  1. Limit Kitchen Supplies to the Kitchen

Only store kitchen-essential supplies like dish detergent and countertop cleanser under the kitchen sink. Store cleaning supplies for other rooms in their respective location.

  1. Get Rid of Old, Expired Foods

Regularly weed out old or expired foods from the fridge and the pantry. It only takes mere minutes but goes a long way toward keeping things neat, tidy and safe. A lazy Susan comes in handy because it helps you rotate cooking supplies, too.

  1. Re-Do Your Fridge Front

Declutter the front of your fridge’s surface by removing all of those random pieces of paper attached by magnets. Instead, create a “family reference” binder with sports schedules, school flyers, phone lists, and similar items. Or, you can hang a bulletin board for notices and other things.

  1. Store Items According to How Often You Use Them

Put items you use daily in easy reach like storing juice glasses at the lowest level of shelving or cabinets. Use higher locations for things you don’t use much, like party platters.

  1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Give yourself permission to let go of odd pieces like mugs that don’t match to free up cabinet space. The same goes for those plastic containers from grocery purchases or takeout. Because they’re not microwave-safe, you’re probably never going to use them.

  1. Check and Chuck Utensils

Clean out your utensil crock every few months. Start over by putting all your cooking tools in a drawer. Next, add each one back to the crock after you’ve used and washed it. If something is still in the drawer after a week, then it should “live” there permanently.

  1. Utilize Your Under-the-Sink Space

Install a tension rod to hang spray bottles in the under-the-sink cabinet. Doing so will leave room for other supplies on the bottom. Also, plastic risers will help you store items around or underneath the pipework.

These quick and easy ideas will help you organize your kitchen and keep it that way. And who knows, maybe you’ll be so inspired, you’ll do some other home renovations, as well.